Bat monitoring in natural and artificial roosts

ChiroRoosts is the program of bat roost monitoring, including natural roosts (such as caves, rock shelters, trees etc.) as well as artificial roosts (mines, tunnels, roofs, stone cabins etc.). It is the simple protocol for following bat populations, mainly cave-dwelling, that are otherwise difficult to detect and to track.

Throughout the monitoring of bat populations in roosts we can extrapolate the population trends of these species on a large scale, and thus prevent the local extinctions caused by negative effects of human activities on the landscape. Depending on roost type, this monitoring can be carried out by various people, from persons without previous experience to chiropterologists with many years of experience. As always, in Granollers Museum we offer personalized advices by more experienced staff and possibility to join us during our monitoring fieldworks in order to learn and gain some experience. Roost monitoring is carried out four times per year, once per season.